FGL Wife Brittney Cole-Kelley Stands Up For Husband Against Journalist

FGL Wife Brittney Cole-Kelley Stands Up For Husband Against Journalist 

Posted: 2:48 pm Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

By MelissaOnK923

Whew… things got a little heated on Instagram Wednesday when an article surfaced that was written about Brian Kelley’s hair. The guys of Florida Georgia Line have changed up their style quite a bit over the last few years. Tyler Hubbard use to have long hair, now he has a new style, and Brian Kelley has gone from long to short and back a few times. None of them ever a bad look for the guys! But this time, someone decided to write an article in regards to their styles, specifically Brian Kelley and they took it in a negative direction saying things like “it might be time for Brian to enter another hair phase-one with a hairbrush.” The article was definitely not a supportive one for the artist.

Brian Kelley’s wife did not put up with it either! Brittney Cole (also known as BCole) took to her Instagram story to voice her thoughts on the article. She even said she was going to DM (direct message) the author, but decided to do it publicly where her 149 thousand followers could see. Here’s the audio from her Instagram story…

ALSO- Brian Kelley took to social media to give his “backstory” on why he chooses to grow his hair out. He made a point to say “before you decide to bully someone you should find out their backstory.”

If we could, we would share some of the article with you so you could know what was said but it has since been taken down by the company and it’s been replaced with an apology. The author starts out by saying “The other day after watching the ACM Awards I did something pretty shallow and stupid…”

Read the full apology here… AN APOLOGY: Let’s Talk About Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley’s Hair