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Lauren Alaina Shows Off Bikini Body In Ocean Photo Shoot

  • 7:03 am Thursday, September 21st, 2017 by MelissaOnK923

By Rare Country:

There was a time when Lauren Alaina would never take a pic in a bikini, much less sport a flirty pose in one. In fact, it’s well documented that the gorgeous singer went through a time in her life when she wasn’t so crazy about the body that she saw in her mirror every day. But somewhere along the line, Lauren learned to love her body thanks to a newfound confidence that love and life can sometimes give you.

In fact, she seems to now love to show that beach body off … and for good reason.

“Working on my [More]

Thomas Rhett’s Wife Decided To Cut Off Her Blonde Locks For A New Post-Baby Look

  • 6:46 am Thursday, September 21st, 2017 by MelissaOnK923

By Rare Country:

We are truly in awe of how country music’s new moms are rebounding after months of pregnancy, hours of labor and nights of sleeplessness. Even after all of that, they show up at concerts, red carpet events and on social media looking like supermodels. And the unofficial leader of the pack might have to be Thomas Rhett’s wife, Lauren Akins, who has two babies under the age of two.

Up until now, Lauren has retained her all-American cuteness, but in a September 19 post on her Instagram page the beautiful blonde traded in her girl-next-door waist-length curls for a [More]

Little Big Town, Kacey Musgraves & Midland Perform on Fallon

  • 6:39 am Thursday, September 21st, 2017 by MelissaOnK923

Last night on Jimmy Fallon, Little Big Town, Kacey Musgraves and Midland took over six minutes of the show with a pretty awesome medley. They sang bits of their biggest songs on the show to tease what their tour will be like and it looks like its going to be one big party…

Little Big Town announced “The Breakers” tour earlier in the day.

Here is a list of all their tour stops:

Brad Paisley Says He Pushes The Limit On Whats Appropriate For His Children

  • 6:33 am Thursday, September 21st, 2017 by MelissaOnK923

We all know that one person… that one person that loves to push the limit. Heck, maybe you even are that person. Well Brad Paisley is definitely one of those people and he likes to push the limits of parenthood and in the meanwhile, tease his wife Kimberly using his sons to make “dad” jokes:

“My wife gets so mad at me because I push the limits of sort of decency as a father in that sense. I love to…I call it ‘loopholes’…like the boys and I, we have a pond, and we have a huge dam, and I’ll take a [More]

Luke Bryan Says His New Song “Really Defines Where People Are…”

  • 6:26 am Thursday, September 21st, 2017 by MelissaOnK923

If you haven’t heard Luke Bryan’s new single “Light it Up” you can listen to it below. It’s definitely encompasses the obsession we all have with our electronic devices, even though in the song Luke directs the obsession towards the girl that he is waiting to hear from. Luke says the song is about something we all have in our possession at all times. He tells American Country Countdown’s Kix Brooks:

“I think it just really defines kind of where people are… You use your phones – we’ve both got our phones right here, you know? You use your phones so much. You [More]

Carrie Underwood Speaks Out About Lawsuit Against Her

  • 6:17 am Thursday, September 21st, 2017 by MelissaOnK923

Yesterday we posted a blog about Carrie Underwood being sued for stealing ‘Something In The Water’ from two Canadian songwriters.

Click here to read the whole story. —> Carrie Underwood Being Sued 

Now, a spokesperson for Carrie Underwood has issued a statement regarding the song theft lawsuit. In the lawsuit, songwriters Ronald McNeill and Georgia Lyons-Savage allege that the hook of Carrie’s 2014 song “Something in the Water” is identical to that of a song they claim to have composed and pitched to Underwood’s team in 2012. Underwood’s spokesperson denies that claim, assuring fans in the statement, obtained by The Tennessean, that Carrie and [More]

Chris Janson Reveals The Strangest Job He Has Ever Had

  • 6:13 am Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 by MelissaOnK923

We have to admit that we never pictured Chris Janson as the type of person to stand on the side of the road and make snow cones but he admits the strangest job he’s ever had was being the “owner of a snow cone machine.” Janson makes the reveal during a candid new interview with Taste of Country, in which he also shares some of his favorite things about fall. Specifically, the “Buy Me a Boat” singer says he likes his autumn coffee “pumpkin-spiced” and that his biggest plan for the fall is going hunting. That is, when he’s [More]

Martina McBride Brings Relief To Hurricane Victims in Texas and Florida

  • 5:56 am Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 by MelissaOnK923

Martina McBride, like the rest of the world, saw the devastation Hurricane Harvey and Irma brought upon Texas and Florida natives and wanted to help. But she is already a huge charity person, has a huge big heart and is always looking for a way to help. So she teamed up with her global charity initiative, Team Music Is Love, and non-profit One Gen Away, which aims to provide emergency food service to those in need. So you can kind of see where she is going with this.

Taste of Country reports that the partnership will bring mobile food pantries to [More]

Eddie Montgomery’s Wife Speaks Out For Him After Death Of Band-Mate Troy Gentry

  • 5:52 am Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 by MelissaOnK923

She writes, “We want to thank you for the outpouring of love, comfort and prayers. Friends like you have helped us get through this difficult time.”

Notice the word “fan” never appears in that statement. Montgomery Gentry always made a point to call their fans “friends.” This is a time when Eddie is leaning on those friends the most.

Judging from the comments on Jennifer’s Twitter post, those friends will be there for Eddie when he hopefully returns to the stage someday.

In one post, Pam Preslar writes, “So very sorry for your loss. 🙏 for Eddie. I hope he continues to sing after he [More]

Carrie Underwood Being Sued Over One Of Her Biggest Hit Songs

  • 5:48 am Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 by MelissaOnK923

Well this is new… Carrie Underwood has two Canadian songwriters filing a lawsuit over one of her biggest hits. These two songwriters are claiming that they wrote a song titled “Something in the Water” that bears a striking resemblance to her hit of the same name. Their names are Georgia Lyons and Ronald McNeill and their arguement is that that they composed their song in 2012 and sent it to Underwood’s team to see if she’d be interested in cutting it, but didn’t hear back. The songwriters claim that the version of “Something in the Water” that appears on Underwood’s Greatest Hits: Decade #1 album is “structurally and lyrically [More]

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