Maren Morris Lands Huge Modeling Contract

Maren Morris Lands Huge Modeling Contract 

Posted: 6:00 am Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

By MelissaOnK923

I mean, Maren is drop dead gorgeous… of course she got a modeling contract! 

She’s 27; she’s a Grammy award winner; she’s recently engaged and now she’s a model as well. This girl is living the dreams. She signed with Wilhelmina Models, making her the first country artist to join the New York modeling agency’s celebrity division, and she is joining other celebs like Nicki Minaj, Shawn Mendes and more.

Maren says, “This is one of the most exciting things for me personally just because I’ve always loved fashion and I’ve loved pushing the envelope and I just feel like taking it the next level with Wilhelmina,” she tells People exclusively about the new gig. 

“For me to be their first country music signing of the agency is incredible,” she adds. “Bridging that fashion and country music gap is such an amazing step forward for them and our genre. And I think it will certainly bring country music and its artists into the conversation with the high-fashion world.” 

Maren Morris tells PEOPLE that the partnership will include everything from photo shoots to fashion magazines and partnerships with fashion companies to styling her for red carpet events and working with her for her forthcoming album artwork. “I think having a partner like this who is so keen on honing in those visual marks is going to be a really amazing partnership,” she says.


PEOPLE Magazine also caught up with Wilhelmina Models’ CEO, Bill Wackermann, who said “Maren is a singular talent.  She’s not only beautiful and hardworking but she’s so relatable, and that will never go out of style.” 

This is a big move for Maren not only because it’s a step forward in her career but it’s a step forward for all women who need to believe in themselves… “I think it’s important to establish you don’t need to look like this person to believe you’re worthwhile and beautiful,” she says. “I think it’s been really inspiring to see my fans and young girls and girls my age look at me as someone to model after—you don’t need to look perfect or sound perfect. I mean I’m five-foot-one, and I’ve got short brunette hair—I’m not the typical country-looking starlet,” she continues. “But I think that’s what gravitates my fans to me and my music. I definitely have an edge to what I say in my songs and it translates visually as well to my personal style.”