Tim McGraw Releases First Solo Song In Years- “Neon Church”

Tim McGraw Releases First Solo Song In Years- “Neon Church” 

Posted: 9:21 am Friday, October 5th, 2018

By MelissaOnK923

Looks like Tim McGraw is back in the game! And by himself. The last two years, he has been touring with his wife, Faith Hill, and putting out songs that are duets. But now, he has a song that’s all his own called “Neon Church.” It’s about a heartbroken man who heads to the honky tonks in search of salvation:

(Tim McGraw) “Well, ‘Neon Church’ has all these elements in that…they certainly are like drawing moths to the flame. You know, when you’ve lost love and you’re trying to find a place to go drown your sorrows, or find some redemption, or find some solace, or get saved in a certain kind of way. ‘Neon Church’ certainly…those images bring you to that. I don’t know that going to a ‘Neon Church’ will ever get your lost love back. It might take you further down a hole, but at least you’ll feel good about it for a little while anyway [laughs].”

“Neon Church” marks Tim’s first new solo music since the release on his 2015 album, Damn Country Music.

In addition to “Neon Church,” McGraw has also released a new song called “Thought About You.” Listen to that here: