Brett Young will “One Hundred Percent” Be Crying At His Wedding

Brett Young will “One Hundred Percent” Be Crying At His Wedding 

Posted: 9:36 am Friday, September 21st, 2018

By MelissaOnK923

Brett Young has some emotionally charged songs… A lot of his songs have gone number one in country music, so, odds are you’ve heard them! We know he is an emotional guy by his Instagram posts as well. He shares his fiance quite a bit, talks about how much he misses her and loves her and all that good stuff. So it makes sense that he would be emotional about their upcoming wedding as well.

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The wedding is happening in November and Brett Young told People that he will “One hundred percent” cry. He said “I cry when I think about it. You’ve heard my music; I’m a mess.” (at least he knows it!) He also talked about starting a family and what his future gonna look like with Taylor Mills as his wife… “The older I get the number [of children] gets smaller,” he told People. “I think two or three, though, God willing.”

Brett has also released a new song called “Here Tonight” that is all about his fiance…