Luke Combs Releases New Music Video

Luke Combs Releases New Music Video 

Posted: 6:40 am Friday, August 17th, 2018

By MelissaOnK923

Music videos have just gotten more and more unique here in the last year or so. People like Dan and Shay, Jason Aldean, and Chris Janson have made videos that are almost long enough to be a TV show episode. Luke Combs has shared the video for “She Got the Best of Me,” giving fans a glimpse at his musical journey to Nashville:

He says, “Yeah, there was a lot of Easter eggs in the video I guess from other songs. And it was really cool to kind of watch some of that old footage from when I was in college and you know it definitely makes you appreciate where you are now and gives you a little bit of nostalgia I guess for where you came from too.”

Watch the video here: