Eric Church Releases Single And Drops Bigger News

Eric Church Releases Single And Drops Bigger News 

Posted: 6:29 am Friday, July 13th, 2018

By MelissaOnK923

Yesterday was a BIG day. For the first time in a while, Eric Church released new music and announced that on Oct. 5 he will release his new album, “Desperate Man,” his first record since 2015’s “Mr. Misunderstood.”

In a video message, Eric revealed the news to his fan club–the Church Choir–by saying: “It’s been a while. I just want to say I have missed you. I have good news . . . the album is done, and we are back. It?s called ‘Desperate Man’ and the first single is called ‘Desperate Man,’ with the Choir having access to listen first through their login today [July 12].”

The album’s lead single will be available everywhere on July 13. Co-written by Eric and Ray Wylie Hubbard–who was name-checked in “Mr. Misunderstood”–‘Desperate Man’ sees Eric again collaborating with producer Jay Joyce.

Watch Video Announcement: