Sam Hunt Talks More Details About New Album

Sam Hunt Talks More Details About New Album 

Posted: 6:27 am Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

By MelissaOnK923

We know Sam Hunt has been out of the music scene for a little big. He got married, did some work overseas with his wife. Plus now he is touring with Luke Bryan. With such a busy schedule, he has given him less time to work on his new album, but he says there is a timeline in place. Sam said “I didn’t plan on touring this summer, but an opportunity came up to go out with Luke Bryan and I couldn’t pass it up because it was such a great opportunity. But at the end of the summer [or] fall, I think I’m gonna be able to, hopefully, be able to sink my teeth into a project and have some new music ready to go before too long after that.”

BUT according to Sam Hunt, he is trying to get back into that position to write new music and to make changes to put his “artist hat” back on…

“I’ve had trouble getting back into the writing flow over the past few years being on the road. And with my artist hat on, there are just two different worlds to me. And I’m hoping I can tap back into here soon. But, I’m tryin’ [laughs].”