Luke Bryan Says Route 91 Fest Changed The Way He Does Shows & His Security

Luke Bryan Says Route 91 Fest Changed The Way He Does Shows & His Security 

Posted: 6:13 am Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

By MelissaOnK923

Luke Bryan is one of the most fun-loving artists in country music. He loves hanging out with fans and interacting with them during his shows. But now, things are different. He was talking about how security has drastically changed since the Route 91 tragedy.

For example, the CMT awards weren’t too long ago and he said that he couldn’t improvise and go mix it up with some fans who were hanging out across the street.

Quote, “I used to run and high five the whole damn street.  That was prior to this new crazy world we’re living in.  And guys that are advising me on security stuff . . . they’re like ‘We just don’t like you running, we don’t know what’s across there.’

“It sucks that you have to think about it.  You just can’t go love and hug-on fans like you used to.”

And in this day and age, things like an exit protocol are needed, especially after we saw how Jason Aldean was when he was on stage when shots rang out at Route 91 fest. He talked about a protocol that’s now in place in case something terrible happens.  They have a specific word that if it’s said over the monitors or his earpiece, he has to get off the stage and get out of there immediately.

Quote, “This time last year we didn’t have a global security word that meant clear the damn stage.”