Garth Brooks Announces New Music and Tour

Garth Brooks Announces New Music and Tour 

Posted: 5:59 am Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

By MelissaOnK923

It has been 3 years since Garth Brooks announced his return to the stage and that he was going to do a world tour for the first time in 18 years AND with his wife, Trisha Yearwood. Well, he isn’t even close to making that tour his last one. He took to social media on Monday (6/4) to announce he is releasing new music and he will be announcing a new tour, where he announces the cities as he goes (which is what he did on his last tour vs. releasing all the dates and shows at the same time).

During the video he addressed a lot of things his fans have been wondering. Like he asked himself “Will new music be coming to a local country radio station near you soon?” Brooks then answered himself, announcing, “Yes!”

His last tour was different in he was, in a way, surprising his guests by announcing many of the shows in each city only weeks (sometimes days) before they were to happen. Even though this technique is very rare for an artist to do, he sold over 6.3 million tickets and became the biggest North American tour in history and the biggest American tour in the world.