Jackie Lee Reveals, With Music Video, That He Beat Testicular Cancer… TWICE

Jackie Lee Reveals, With Music Video, That He Beat Testicular Cancer… TWICE 

Posted: 3:16 pm Monday, May 21st, 2018

By MelissaOnK923

At only 26 years old, this country artist has had his fair share of rough years. Not too long ago, Jackie Lee lost his mother to cancer and before he could even get his feet back on the ground, he was fighting the same battle but with testicular cancer. He won the first wave but then was right back at it trying to defeat testicular cancer for the second time. He didn’t ever want to be known as “the cancer guy,” PEOPLE reported, so he never publicly talked about what was going on, until now.

Jackie Lee, with PEOPLE, debuted the music video for his new single “Long Year” which takes you behind the scenes of what he has been going through the past few years in dealing with the chemo and the treatments and the hair loss. How his family and friends were there with him through the entire thing and even shaved their heads with him. The song, “Long Year,” is about how he is dealing with a log, it has been a long rough year, and all he wants is to talk to his mom about it, but she isn’t here anymore. How she would know exactly what to do and say if she were there, but she isn’t.

Jackie tells PEOPLE ““I hope that people know it’s coming from a real place, real emotion.”

He also shares on Instagram, “Honestly I’ve had deep moral confliction about sharing this very private and personal story, but my family and team have encouraged me so much in the last few weeks to share this and I am doing so in hopes that it may encourage even just one person to keep going. Life isn’t fair and quite frankly it just sucks sometimes. God never promised it wouldn’t suck but he did promise he would be faithful (Deuteronomy 31:8). I’m so thankful I have a mom and a dad that not only taught me this but lived it in front of me. Life is hella short and I just wanna make as much as I can of the time I have here. The love I have felt today has been incredible. Today I am just very thankful. The video is available everywhere now. Check it on on @vevo. ”

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