Ashley’s Personal Life, Future Revealed With Reading from Master Numerologist

Ashley’s Personal Life, Future Revealed With Reading from Master Numerologist 

Posted: 10:26 am Friday, October 13th, 2017

By AshleyK923

Welp. This was definitely one of the most interesting and fun shows I’ve done to date.

I never had a psychic reading, palm reading, tarot cards, etc. anything like that before – but I’ve always been intrigued by it. Well, this morning – we had a master numerologist live in studio to do my very first reading for Friday the 13th.

I honestly had no idea what numerology was about, or how it worked, before Madam Gwendolyn came in this morning. The only information I gave her was my date of birth, and the name that’s on my birth certificate. We didn’t speak about any details of who I am, my personal life, or anything. Based on the numbers, what she came up with was eerily accurate…, very eerily.

From different timelines in my life when things happened, to what’s possibly to come in the future. She was really great at what she does, and she’s been doing it for 25 years.

If you heard her read my chart live on the air this morning – you definitely found out a lot more about me.

Take a listen here to what you missed: