Kane Brown Teases New Song With Chris Young- Listen

Kane Brown Teases New Song With Chris Young- Listen 

Posted: 5:53 am Friday, September 29th, 2017

By MelissaOnK923

Jason Aldean’s ‘They Don’t Know’ Tour consists of two huge talents, Kane Brown and Chris Young! The two have been getting to know each other really well and Kane Brown says that Chris Young has been a huge inpiration to him and someone for him to look up to when it comes to music and performing.

(Kane Brown) “Yeah that was one of the things before anybody even knew who I was, I just kept covering his songs and I wanted him to notice me so bad. The first time I met him, I met his mom as well, and I remember her telling me, ‘we knew about you before anybody else.’ Somebody hit him up whenever I put ‘Gettin’ You Home’ on YouTube. She listened to it and then showed Chris. Now just being on tour with him, getting to write with him whenever, it’s just surreal.”
Now here is the big news… the two are working together to release a new song which we believe to be called “Setting the Night on Fire”. They released a little teaser video on Kane Browns Instagram a few days ago… it’s posted below. Let us know what you think!