“This Is Us” Season Premiere Teases Reason for Jack’s Death 

Posted: 6:20 am Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

By AshleyK923

Ugh. Spoiler alert – to some extent. I watched the season premiere of “This Is Us” last night, and I love the show. You can go ahead and guarantee however it’s going to bring tears at least once every episode.

Most of episode 1 was Rebecca and Jack separated after his stint of showing up at her show drunk last season, when she was trying to get back into a singing career.

But, last night it ended with a scene showing the Pearson’s house burnt down with Rebecca whaling, realizing Jack was gone and the kids crying. I can only imagine we’ll find out next episode exactly how Jack died – but it does seem to have to do with a fire in the Pearson house.

This scene last night was a tearjerker: