Miranda Lambert Sends Help To Houston  After Hurricane Harvey

Miranda Lambert Sends Help To Houston After Hurricane Harvey 

Posted: 5:41 am Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

By MelissaOnK923

One thing that pretty much everyone knows about Miranda Lambert is her love for animals, and since Hurricane Harvey hit Houston photos of animals (especially dogs) in distress have been circling the internet and she finally had enough. Miranda Lambert is sending her MuttNation Foundation to Houston  to assist those dealing with the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. In Houston, Miranda’s MuttNation team will provide relief for municipal animal shelters by transporting animals currently in the shelters to make room for animals displaced from the storm. MuttNation announced the news on Facebook Monday (8/28), saying they would also provide any other support the can offer. People can support MuttNation’s efforts by donating at www.muttnationfoundation.com.