Brett Young Feels More Pressure Now That He Has Two Number One Songs

Brett Young Feels More Pressure Now That He Has Two Number One Songs 

Posted: 6:14 am Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

By MelissaOnK923


Brett Young has had a big couple of weeks leading up to his second No. 1 party for “In Case You Didn’t Know”. He celebrated yesterday (7/17) in Nashville. And right before the party got underway on the rooftop of the FGL House, Brett talked about how having a second chart-topper puts more pressure on him to succeed:    “I remember after the first number one everybody went like, ‘Does that like kind of take the pressure off now?’ I went, ‘What are you taking about? No,’ now I’m terrified ’cause my expectations have been set and I’m worried that not every song will follow suit, and so, it’s even worse after the second one doing it…in the best way. I mean, the athlete in me now wants to win again next time. And so, it’s been really really flattering and humbling hat a song like this is the one that has had this much success, ’cause, you know, coming with a sappy ballad is always kind of risky. And so the fact that people have kind of connected to this one the way they have, and, you know, we have this kind of momentum going into the next single is very exciting.”