Dierks Bentley Is Taking A “Vacation” From His Smart Phone

Dierks Bentley Is Taking A “Vacation” From His Smart Phone 

Posted: 6:05 am Thursday, June 29th, 2017

By MelissaOnK923

“Taking a vacation….from my IPHONE! wish me luck. “packing” everything im gonna need for the experience ha. amazing how much you can do with the iphone but equally amazing what an addictive little device it is. it sometimes feels like the never ending blitzkrieg of news, info, etc is sucking any intelligent thought out of my brain…and there isn’t too much in there to begin with!
thinking the typewriter might be a little over the top…
let you know you it goes…………”

That is what Dierks Bentley captioned his Instagram photo that told the world he was taking a little “vacation” from his iPhone and revert back to the basics of communication. He did point out thought that its crazy how much an iPhone can do. In the Instagram photo was the things he will need for his smartphone-free existence: a typewriter, a camera, a metronome, a recorder and a pen and paper notebook. Bentley didn’t specify if his smartphone “vacation” also meant that he was taking a break from social media.