Pulse Victim, Cory Connell, Has Nephew Named After Him

Pulse Victim, Cory Connell, Has Nephew Named After Him 

Posted: 7:30 am Monday, June 12th, 2017

By MelissaOnK923

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Cory Connell was one of the victims of the Pulse Attack, one year ago today. He was one of the 49 victims lost that day. His sister, Ashley, was pregnant at the time wiht Cory’s nephew but the 21-year-old never got to meet him as he was born nearly two months after that horrible night.

Ashley Connell and her husband, Shion Andy Pierre Charles, decided to keep her brothers name going and named their precious little son after her brother. Now, at 10 months old, Cory Pierre Charles has been the light through the darkness this past year for the Connell family.

“I just wish Cory, big Cory, could have met little Cory,” says Ryan Connell, Cory’s older brother. “He’s as happy and as fun loving as can be. And it’s really awesome.”

Cory’s siblings and parents all live in Central Florida. And if you remember, last year when Brad Paisley was in town, K92.3 got the Connell’s story to Brad about how Cory’s parents used a Paisley song during Chris’s funeral and the parents were invited back stage to meet the country artists. (video below).

Cory’s Family says he was always a “ball of energy”  and  he is missed at every family get together. They wish he was among them for “epic roasting battles,” sports competitions, goofy fun, The Orlando Sentinel reports.

“There’s a video of us singing George Strait together. I would give anything to do that over and over again,” Ryan says. “That’s something I really miss, is just having that time of just being together as a family. I would give anything to put my arms around him one more time, that’s for damn sure.”

The family told The Orlando Sentinel that they loves a photo taken of Cory on a 2015 trip to Haiti (pictured in the photo above), where he’d traveled with his sister and brother-in-law, a Haitian native. It captured Cory atop a hill, ocean and sky behind him. His expression seems to show his determined nature. He worked as a cashier at the College Park Publix, studied at Valencia College and hoped to be a firefighter.

“That’s just typical Cory right there,” Ryan says. “Standing above the world with his arms out, flying above us.”