Brett Young’s Dog Bit Lee Brice And Did Some Damage

Brett Young’s Dog Bit Lee Brice And Did Some Damage 

Posted: 7:07 pm Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

By MelissaOnK923

Ouch… Brett Young owns a little Pomeranian and according to Lee Brice… its size doesn’t mean anything about its bite… hahaha! But in the pups defense, Brett Young warned Lee Brice that he bites. Lee just didn’t listen. So now he has some holes in his hand… Lee Brice took to Instagram with the photos of his hand and captioned it “He said “he bites”. I just couldn’t help my self. 😉 No little tiny dog is gonna out tough me. .. but don’t try this at home..cuz @brettyoungmusicDog does bite. Deep.” You have to scroll through the one instagram post to see all the photos he posted of his hand… bandaged and not bandaged.

Think he’ll listen to Brett Young next time? LOL