Josh Turner Feels Guilty For Leaving Home To Pursue Music

Josh Turner Feels Guilty For Leaving Home To Pursue Music 

Posted: 6:55 am Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

By MelissaOnK923


If you want to be a country star, you better move to Nashville. Actually if you want to be a musician of any kind, your best bet is to pack up and head to Nashville.  Everyone knows that. It’s the music capital of the world! And thats exactly what Josh Turner did, and even though it worked out pretty well, he still feels kind of bad that he had to leave his hometown. Quote, “I’ve talked in the past openly about how I feel some guilt at times of being the first Turner to move away from Hannah, South Carolina.  But I know [Nashville] is where I was supposed to be and I was following the path that God set out for me.”

He’s not exaggerating about being the first one in his family to leave.  He can trace his roots pretty far back. Quote, “When I go back home I can go to the grave of my third great-grandfather, and even some ancestors that are older than that.  It’s a culture.  I grew up in amongst the tobacco farming culture.”