Billy Currington Jams With The Locals In Hawaii In Unique Way

Billy Currington Jams With The Locals In Hawaii In Unique Way 

Posted: 6:51 am Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

By MelissaOnK923


Billy Currington isn’t just a country music man. He likes to veer out to other genres especially when he is in his element. When he is at home, in Hawaii he says he loves jamming with the local musicians, even though his ukulele skills could still use some work. He states,”The thing I’ve learned about the Hawaiians is their songs are similar to country music songs. They’re loaded with a great story and just simple two or three chord melodies. So, yeah, I’ve enjoyed having to only play two chords, ’cause like I said I don’t know [the ukulele] that great. But, I’ve enjoyed writing with ’em, and I’ve never completed a song with anybody over there yet that I loved that I would put on an album, but it’s still just fun to play it with ’em ’cause they’re so great.”