Dustin Lynch and Kelly Osborne Admit To Dating For A Year?

Dustin Lynch and Kelly Osborne Admit To Dating For A Year? 

Posted: 6:26 am Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

By MelissaOnK923

Remember last year when rumors were flying that rock royalty Kelly Osbourne was going out with country crooner Dustin Lynch? Well, that was exactly one year ago yesterday and Kelly and Dustin made sure to celebrate that first anniversary of those allegations (which were never true) by sharing a cute video on Instagram Tuesday that shows them jointly blowing out a candle on a piece of cake.

The two of them are definitely having fun with people assuming something is going on though with their posts to Instagram: “With my boo Dustin Lynch,” Osbourne captioned the clip. “Celebrating our first anniversary! #TheOddCouple.” Then Dustin Lynch captioned his photo ” Shhhh… #oneyear.”  It seems some fans still aren’t sure whether or not these two are really dating, as one follower commented, “Happy anniversary to you both,” while another wrote, “I’ve been in the dark.” What do you think?