Spoiler Alert: Fans Freak Out After a Main Character is Killed in ‘Nashville’

Spoiler Alert: Fans Freak Out After a Main Character is Killed in ‘Nashville’ 

Posted: 6:02 pm Sunday, February 26th, 2017

By MelissaOnK923


Nashville did exactly what fans NEVER thought would happen… Thursday nights episodes was a jaw dropper when it killed off its leading lady, country superstar Rayna James. The episode showed Rayna recovering in the hospital from last week’s car crash, only to suffer from organ failure and flatlining as her longtime love Deacon Claybourne and her daughters, Daphne and Maddie, looked on in horror. When the TV show was bought by CMT after being cancelled on ABC, rumors went around that actress Connie Britton, who plays Rayna, was considering departing Nashville and had only signed on for a portion of season 5’s episodes. “I feel like the show is in a really good place to continue on,” Britton told Variety after the shocking episode aired. “The only way that this could work was feeling really confident about the future of the show and knowing how much the fans love all of these characters.” Fans, however, seemed to disagree. They took to Twitter in droves to make it clear they weren’t interested in watching the show without her. “How does this even happen? How does Nashville even go on without @conniebritton?” one tweeted. HEre are more tweets of America’s reaction…