Zac Brown Accepts Humanitarian Award From Keith Urban in Nashville

Zac Brown Accepts Humanitarian Award From Keith Urban in Nashville 

Posted: 10:34 pm Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

By MelissaOnK923

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There was some big wigs in Nashville for day one of the Country Radio Seminar 2017. This is where Keith Urban presented this year’s Country Radio Broadcasters’ Artist Humanitarian Award. He presented the award to Zac Brown in honor of the latter’s numerous philanthropic achievements. He spoke to a room full of people about how he felt about Zac Brown and his efforts. “The first time that I really properly met Zac, he was going to sing on a song with me at this awards show, and I had to pick him up from his studio and drive him over to where we were rehearsing,” Urban recalled from stage. “So Zac and I are in my truck, and we’re driving over, getting a lot of time to talk. The one thing he really wanted to ask me about was about balancing family and touring — how do you do it, how do you go about it? The whole conversation over there was talking about that. That really touched me, from another artist.” The Urban continued to talk about the stuff that Zac Brown has done over the last year that really made him feel he deserved this Humanitarian Award. “When the fires went through Gatlinburg [last year], Zac was the first guy to reach out to me and ask for support.He was there rallying everybody to help others. And to me, that speaks volumes about Zac.” Brown said during his acceptance, “We named our second album You Get What You Give, and that’s kind of my mantra that I live by every day.”