Granger Smith’s Kids Reenact His Stage Fall

Granger Smith’s Kids Reenact His Stage Fall 

Posted: 11:32 am Saturday, December 10th, 2016

By MelissaOnK923


If you haven’t seen the video of Granger Smith falling off stage yet, we posted it below. It was actually a severe fall. He ended up breaking two ribs and puncturing a lung AND HE CONTINUED TO PLAY! That is a trooper right there if you ask us. LOL He told Taste of Country“The show couldn’t end like that, it never can, People travel to see these shows, they pay money. They want to see some of the last couple songs — every artist builds up what he wants fans to hear at the end and they can’t come to not hear the songs.” And now, his kids have seen the video that has gone viral and are reenacting his stage fall…“From the minute I got home, [the kids] had seen it on the internet, so they were reenacting Daddy’s fall,” he says, laughing. “They stand on the couch and the ottoman to try and reenact the fall.”

Oldest daughter London, 5, and her 2-year old brother Lincoln are a huge help to their dad too.They help Smith put on socks and shoes, or to retrieve an ice pack. The baby (River, 7 months old) is still too young to play along. It’s killing him that he can’t hold his child much as he recovers, but that may happen sooner than doctors think states Taste of Country.

Here is the video:

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