Jana Kramer Says She “Still Believes in Love” Even After Cheating And An Abusive Relationship

Jana Kramer Says She “Still Believes in Love” Even After Cheating And An Abusive Relationship 

Posted: 5:28 pm Sunday, November 20th, 2016

By MelissaOnK923


Jana Kramer has been killing it this season on DWTS and has made it all the way to the finals. But it hasn’t been a smooth road for her. She has revealed a lot to the public over the last few weeks since she has been involved in the show. One thing was that years ago, she was in an abusive relationship and that her abuser went to jail for attempted murder (She stated on one episode of DWTS). Also, since then we have learned that her estranged husband, former football player, Mike Caussin has been checked in to rehab for unknown reasons but a source close to Kramer alleged that it was sex rehab and it was his way to try and repair their relationship.“Mike cheated on her multiple times with multiple women,” stated a friend of Kramers. At first Kramer was hesitant to leave the father of her child until a friend confirmed to her that this summer she believed a paid escort she knew was sleeping with Caussin. That was when he checked himself into rehab to save the marriage, according to Kramers frend, but the pair announced their split in August.

After all of that when Kramer found out she made it to the finals of Dancing With the Stars, the One Tree Hill alum, 32, said she embraces the ups and downs. “I haven’t [given up on love.] No. I truly believe it’s out there,” she told Us Weekly and other reporters. “I believe in a lot of things, and love will be one thing that I’ll never not believe in because I look in my daughter’s eyes and that’s the biggest amount of love I could ever view. So I’ll never not believe in that.”