Miranda Lambert Releases TWO New Album Today But Refuses to Do Any Interviews About Them

Miranda Lambert Releases TWO New Album Today But Refuses to Do Any Interviews About Them 

Posted: 6:12 am Friday, November 18th, 2016

By MelissaOnK923


Miranda Lambert released her first album in quite a while today. But there is a reason she waited so long… she released two today! Both are apart of her new record label under Sony Music, called Vanner Records. Her new double album you can get online and in stores. Its called The Weight of These Wings. She talks about where the title came from. Lambert said “The Weight of These Wings’ was a line my dad said to me…He’s a songwriter and he mentioned the line to me one time at a show and it just stuck with me, it just felt really big and someways heavy and someways light, you know, it sort of makes you think about a lot of things just that one sentence. And so, we tried to write the song a few times and nothing really came of it and it just sort of going through this record process felt like it would tie everything together.”

In  Nashville, normally when an artist releases an album, they do a bunch of interviews to promote the new project but Miranda Lambert didn’t do many interviews for her new The Weight of These Wings album. She tells Westwood One’s Country Countdown USA why. “I said a lot in 24 songs, you know? Everything that I have to say or everything that’s part of my journey as a person and as an artist and as a woman it’s all there in two albums. And if anybody’s curious, everything I said, everything I needed to say is in the melody and in a lyric. And so I’m gonna leave at that and not have to feel like I have to explain myself.”