Florida Georgia Line Talks About What It Is That Makes Their Music Great

Florida Georgia Line Talks About What It Is That Makes Their Music Great 

Posted: 6:50 am Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

By MelissaOnK923


Back when FGL’s single H.O.L.Y. was released, it was very obvious that these two boys loved their wives. It was made very clear in that song that these two women inspire them. Well in a recent interview, both guys admitted that being married “Makes it easier.” Brian Kelley says ” I think being married makes songwriting way easier, you know, you’re inspired 24/7 and it’s easy to go into a songwriting room when you’re married to the love of your life. Fortunately, Tyler and I are. We get to sing to them every night on the side of the stage and they travel with us. Their support is amazing.” Kelley got married Brittney in 2013 and it was a shock to everyone because they hadn’t even gone public with an engagement and had been together for only a few months. But Kelley told PEOPLE, a while back, “There was no official proposal or exchanging of rings. We had just fallen in love, and I knew I couldn’t live without her. It sounds like a terrible cheesy movie, but when you know, you know!” So if that isnt the base to every love song, we dont know what is.

Kelley even stated that even sometimes their song writing partners get sick of writing love songs. Quote, “Sometimes we have to focus not writing songs about them, ’cause it’s hard every day showing up with these other co-writers that are like, ‘Man, can we write something else?’ But no, it’s the coolest thing,” says Brian. “It’s the coolest life to live this life and to write songs for our ladies. I don’t know if it gets any countrier than that.”