Taylor Swift Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary of 1st Album Release

Taylor Swift Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary of 1st Album Release 

Posted: 7:27 am Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

By slateronk923

Taylor Swift took to Instagram on Monday to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of her first album, a collection of songs she wrote in high school. The 26-year-old singer shared a photo of herself wearing a Victoria’s Secret Pink hoodie and playing the guitar. “10 years ago today, my first album came out,” she captioned it

“I couldn’t be more grateful today, thinking back on how much fun we’ve had and how you’ve encouraged me to change and grow. It’s been such an adventure, guys. Thank you for all of it.” If you can’t recall what Taylor sounded like before she was a pop superstar, let us remind you that on eponymous album Taylor Swift, she was crooning about Tim McGraw, pickup trucks and the teardrops on her guitar