Thomas Rhett Isn’t Allowed to Fold or Pack His Wife’s Clothes

Thomas Rhett Isn’t Allowed to Fold or Pack His Wife’s Clothes 

Posted: 8:04 am Thursday, October 20th, 2016

By slateronk923

Thomas Rhett said in a recent interview that his wife won’t let him do her laundry, because she’s very picky about how her clothes get folded. I love when country stars admit they deal with the same mundane issues that we do. For some reason, it makes me feel better. THOMAS RHETT was talking about how he and his wife Lauren pack for long trips.

He says he’s in charge of his own suitcase, but isn’t allowed to go anywhere near hers. She has a certain way that her clothes need to be folded, and he doesn’t have those skills . . . or perhaps the desire to learn them?

Same with laundry. He says she does her own because, quote, “there’s a certain way it has to be folded and neatly placed in the drawers.”