Luke Bryan Hands Out 50th Farm Tour Scholarship

Luke Bryan Hands Out 50th Farm Tour Scholarship 

Posted: 7:24 am Monday, October 17th, 2016

By slateronk923

As Luke Bryan wrapped up his 2016 “Farm Tour” over the weekend, the total number of college scholarships awarded throughout the trek’s eight-year run sits at 50.

The “Luke Bryan Farm Tour Scholarship” is granted to a college student from a farming family within each of the communities the tour played, and Bryan feels like these scholarships will go far to help the farmers and communities thrive:

Luke say, “Anytime we can take a step to help facilitate dreams and agriculture and being smarter in how the food’s being made and being safer and stuff like that, the awareness of that can never be undermined. If I can bring some…you know, educate some people on it and that can be my platform, I think I’ll always, the farmers out there and the people in that world will appreciate and they’ll know I’ve kinda stayed true to my roots.”