Carrie Underwood behind the scenes of “Dirty Laundry”: music video

Carrie Underwood behind the scenes of “Dirty Laundry”: music video 

Posted: 11:09 am Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

By slateronk923


Carrie Underwood is giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming video for her song “Dirty Laundry.” Premiered by Entertainment Tonight, the preview for the Shane C. Drake-directed visual shows Underwood performing in front of a gray backdrop while wearing a number of black-and-white ensembles. “The video shoot today is black-and-white and it’s about emotion,” Underwood says of the video’s concept. Underwood also opens up about what it was like to work with Drake on the project. “I can see him in my peripheral vision getting excited about things, which is great for me,” she adds. “Because most of the time in front of cameras I’m like, ‘Does it look OK? Am I doing this stuff right? Like, what’s going on?’ And he’s just really great letting me know.”